Dale Ganas: How to Make Your Mark in Life | Paperback

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Dale Ganas, is the first book written by Bonnie Garcia, former National Director of Hispanic Marketing for Coca-Cola turned entrepreneur and now CEO/Founder of MarketVision, a Culture Inspired Marketing Firm. It's a colorful series of short stories filled with "Consejos", words of advice, inspired by her Latina heritage growing up in San Antonio, her climb up the Corporate ladder, and 21 years at the helm of MarketVision. The saying, Dale Ganas, can be interpreted many ways: to hit it hard...give it all you've got... be passionate about everything you do.These are the mantras she's lived by and wanted to share through vibrant photography and storytelling. At its core Dale Ganas is intended to motivate girls and women of all ages to be fearless and make their mark in life!

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